In a changing society like the current one, where uncertainty and innovations are going to play a determining role in the future of our societies, the Center for Higher Education for Business, Innovation and Technology aspires to be an institution with the capacity to reinvent, redefine and innovate in an interdependent society between humans and machines. Contributing to the changes that the traditional educational system needs. Contributing at the same time to an intergenerational dialogue that improves understanding and collaborative work between different generations. By improving training, we improve society.

By improving training, we improve society.

We propose an institution that trains leaders who promote innovation and are active agents in the change that organizations require today from a global approach, with an entrepreneurial character and a humanistic spirit.

The Center for Higher Education for Business, Innovation and Technology belonging to the SEK International Institution and respectful of its Ideology and values, is a center committed to improving higher education and aspiring to contribute to change in our society with the ability to articulate teaching, research, dissemination and creation of culture, with an international focus and a modern academic, administrative and technological structure, in permanent adaptation to the changes that occur. That it is supported by a high-quality faculty and professional career and in contact with today's business and technological reality, which develops programs that seek excellence and that are born from the reflection of the educational needs of today's world.


We educate in and for freedom, and we hold the student responsible as an agent of development of his own personal educational project.

We assume the challenge of collaborating in lifelong learning processes, contributing to helping people in the processes of training, evolution and updating of knowledge as a continuum that our professional development needs and that our society requires more every day. .

We are committed to an education that adapts to the digital environment and to new professional profiles, promoting a student-teacher relationship model in which the former is at the center of the entire educational process.

In short, our center's fundamental purpose is to provide students and teachers with a first-class international educational institution, capable of offering the highest degree of human and academic excellence in the training of the men and women of tomorrow, who from their different areas of competence collaborate to build a better society every day.