Welcome Director IUNIT

Tomas Aznar Sanchez

Tomas Aznar Sanchez. Director of IUNIT Center for Higher Education of Business Innovation and Technology

Dear members of the academic community,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Higher Education Center for Business, Innovation and Technology, IUNIT.

Our institution, member of the prestigious SEK International Institution, with more than a century of history since its founding in 1892, is strategically located in the heart of the economic and financial center of the city of Madrid.

With a dynamic and avant-garde perspective, our goal is to provide our students, on a daily basis, with the highest level of training and the most innovative capabilities for the development of both their present and future activities.

The undergraduate and graduate programs are taught by a distinguished team of professors who combine an outstanding academic career with an advanced vision of the practical application of studies. We establish collaborations with renowned companies and institutions, providing our students with the necessary tools to achieve the most demanding professional objectives during the study of their degrees.

IUNIT offers a wide range of titles in person and online, which we invite you to explore in detail on our website. Likewise, we are available to provide personalized information in our center, if you prefer.

We hope to have your presence soon in our classrooms, whether physical or virtual, with the firm commitment to giving you our maximum dedication and effort to help you achieve your academic and professional aspirations.


Tomas Aznar Sanchez

Director General of IUNIT