“It is very difficult for new generations not to grow up with resentment,” says political analyst Daniel Bashandeh, political analyst, during his visit to our Educational Center.

At IUNIT we had the honor of receiving political analyst Daniel Bashandeh, who offered an enlightening talk on the past, present and future of the Middle East. With extensive experience in the region, Daniel Bashandeh shared valuable perspectives that left attendees deeply reflective.

Daniel Bashandeh political analyst

Under the title "We are going to a more militarized world", Daniel Bashandeh highlighted the trend towards greater militarization at a global level, calling for reflection on the challenges that this poses for world peace and stability.

One of the most notable statements was: "There will not be a conflict between Iran and Israel," as well as the hope for a willing dialogue, as the analyst mentioned. Daniel Bashandeh emphasized the urgency of seeking peace in a region marked by violence, expressing that "a land with so much blood spilled deserves peace." 

Likewise, he pointed out the challenge that new generations face when growing up in an environment of resentment, highlighting the importance of working on reconciliation and forgiveness.

Regarding Israel's internal politics, Daniel Bashandeh offered a critical analysis by stating that it is "very fragmented," and that the presence of an external enemy can favor internal unity and the maintenance of power by the Israeli government. Netanyahu. Regarding leadership in Israel, the analyst noted the absence of an alternative leader, which adds complexity to the region's political landscape.

Furthermore, Spain's role in the international context was addressed, warning that it cannot be seen as an aggressor state, and highlighted the importance of Europe not falling into dogmas to maintain its relevance and leadership on the world stage.

Daniel Bashandeh's visit encourages us to reflect on the challenges and opportunities facing the contemporary world, especially in a region as complex as the Middle East. 

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