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Master in REAL ESTATE Administration (MRA)

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The Master in Real Estate Administration (MRA) is a new training project framed in one of sectors with the greatest projection nationally and internationally. A program supervised by highly experienced professionals and teachers with a high degree of involvement in the training of their students.

Una differentiated option for the future and of rare quality in the current academic landscape. A program that from IUNIT we manage so that it is successful for all the parties involved, and a teaching plan designed to ensure that the objectives are met in the time and manner designed.

A sector, real estate, which is, has been and will be one of the protagonists in the Spanish and international economy, with new business prospects that open up new possibilities and horizons generated by innovation, technology, digitization, Big data, sustainability and marketing applied to the sector.

A scenario composed of architecture, urbanism, in constant evolution and of inevitable attraction for any professional.

Objectives of the Master in REAL ESTATE Administration

The main objective is to provide Useful business management tools specialized in the real estate sector.

  • Provide skills applicable on a day-to-day basis to improve team and customer management
  • Develop management skills, global understanding of the real estate business, through economic-financial knowledge, investment, strategic management, marketing, creativity and innovation
  • Present the contents of the Master through real cases of real estate companies with a high practical component
  • Provide a preparation that allows you to be up to date with industry trends, the great challenge of omnichannel, the new business models, going through notions of architecture, interior design, urban planning, law, taxation or the latest in sustainability.


The program will be developed in synchronous modality from the IUNIT headquarters in Madrid, with the possibility of following the face-to-face and online training. That is, the student will be able to access the classroom from anywhere and can Interact with the teacher and peers effectively whether you attend face-to-face or remotely.


Who is this course for

The IUNIT MRA program is designed to professionals, managers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, graduates with interest in the real estate market who are looking for grow occupationally facing the new challenges of a sector full of possibilities that demands new skills and new models to participate in a highly competitive market.

For professionals who want to incorporate a complete, innovative and strategic vision of the real estate sector.

Dossier of the Master in REAL ESTATE Administration (MRA)

The real estate professional projection presents an infinite number of options in the workplace, as well as being characterized by having multiple advantages.

An activity that presents a high degree of multidisciplinarity since it brings together tasks in the strategic, commercial, financial and negotiation fields, among others.

A sector that poses new constant challenges, that breaks with the daily monotony, with a high technical and commercial component in a highly motivating work environment.

Working in the real estate field lists a series of very attractive advantages, among them are:

  • Receive attractive commissions.
  • Strong investment in advertising and personalized marketing
  • Work close to people. Being part of a work team that works directly for other people.
  • Generate a network of contacts of great interest.
  • Participate successfully in a sector with great opportunities.

Jobs related to Real Estate:

  • Commercial Director (Real Estate Developer area)
  • Property Manager (Real Estate Consultant)
  • Investment Technician
  • Valuation Technician
  • Agency Technician
  • Services Manager
  • Commercial Technician
  • Real estate development manager

Collaborating Companies

  • violence
  • Idealistic
  • JLL
  • KPMG
  • tecnitasa

Module Semester
Architecture and Urban Planning 1 º
Real-estate market 1 º
Real Estate Business (Real Estate Management) 1 º
Real Estate Investment 1 º
Real Estate Consulting 1 º
Real Estate Marketing 1 º
Digitization and Big Data 2 º
Sustainability 2 º
New Real Estate Business Models 2 º
Real Estate Law 2 º
Taxation of Real Estate Operations 2 º
External Internships 2 º
Master's thesis 2 º



Financial aid for study.

The program is subject to the possibility of being financed by the Tripartite Foundation. The State Foundation for Employment Training (FUNDAE).


We have several payment methods that allow us to assume the price of the program in monthly installments throughout the Master. This program requires a single prior payment as a registration fee, which works in parallel as a place reservation.


The steps to follow for the admission process are:

Admission profile

The recommended profile that facilitates the access of the program are:

  • Real estate professionals.
  • managers
  • Businessmen
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Graduates…

With interest and experience in the real estate world.


The Master's applicants will send in digital format to the email or by mail to the Admissions Department the following documentation:

  • Admission request completed (download it here).
  • Data veracity form completed (download it here).
  • Data Protection Form completed (download it here).
  • Passport or National Identity Document or equivalent.
  • CV (Updated Curriculum Vitae).
  • language certificate in the case of foreign students.
Admission request

The applicants for the course will send in digital format to the email the next documentation:

  • Photocopy of the NIF, NIE or Passport (for students from non-EU countries).
  • Updated CV (Previous training and related work experience will be valued).
  • A letter of motivation (Explaining the reason why you want to opt to study the program)

*The Admissions department will study the compatibility of the program with the admission profile shared by the student.

*The main requirement is to be in possession of the duly regulated documentation required in the admission process.

Litigation, Arbitration
  • You must wait for confirmation of admission to the program from the Admissions Department.
  • Make payment for the "Enrolment Fee" which will be deducted from the total amount and ensures the student a place.
Registration and registration

Once admitted to the program, prior confirmation by the Admissions Department, the student must continue with the payment of the amount in the agreed manner and the process following the instructions of the IUNIT Admissions Department.


32 effective weeks for 9 months

Number of credits

60 ECTS (Subjects 54 ECTS, Final Master's Project 6 ECTS).

Type of teaching and places offered

Face-to-face modality with the possibility of synchronous connection (Online).


Full time 60 ECTS / course.



Knowledge Branch

Social and Legal Sciences.

Collaborating Companies

*Collaboration agreements pending approval with more companies in the sector


Own scholarships.
The Center for Higher Education in Business, Innovation and Technology offers a series of scholarships that are between 5% and 25% of the cost of the program. To access these, a motivation letter and updated Curriculum Vitae must be sent to

Learning Resources

It has 7 spacious and bright classrooms and two seminars. They have internet connection as well as Wi-Fi, projector, connection to virtual classrooms and blackboard. The center considers the intensive use of ICT as a central and transversal component of the learning process, so it has a computer infrastructure according to these needs. Access to the reprography room, library and bibliographic resource center is provided. As well as the sports facilities and library of the URJC.

Academic Staff

Speakers from the main companies in the real estate sector.
Download Faculty

Academic Calendar

1st Semester (April-July)
2nd Semester (September-February)


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 19:00 p.m. to 21:00 p.m.

The Master in Real Estate Administration (MRA) is granted by IUNIT and the Antonio de Nebrija University.

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