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Master in Business Administration (MBA)

IconMay 2024
Icon9 months
Icon60 ECTS


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides professionals with the skills necessary to assume leadership and management roles in the business world. This course focuses on developing strategic, analytical and decision-making competencies, preparing students to face the complex challenges of the business environment.

Objectives of the Master in Business Administration:

The main objective is to provide Useful business management tools specialized in the real estate sector.

  • Leadership Development: Foster effective leadership skills to guide teams and organizations to success.
  • Strategic Decision Making: Provide students with analytical tools to address strategic decisions and solve complex business problems.
  • Development of Professional Networks: Facilitate opportunities to network with professionals from various industries and build a strong network.
  • Business Globalization: Address the complexity of international business and management in a globalized environment.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Promote innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, preparing graduates to face market changes and challenges.



The face-to-face modality of the program (MBA) implies that classes and academic activities are carried out physically at the facilities of IUNIT in Madrid.

Who is this course for

The MBA is aimed at experienced professionals seeking to advance into executive roles. It is also suitable for entrepreneurs, business owners and ambitious college graduates. It offers skills in finance, marketing and leadership, facilitating career changes and personal development. The in-person modality encourages networking. Its multidisciplinary approach makes it ideal for those interested in business management.


Un Master of Business Administration (MBA) can have a significant impact on career prospects, opening up various opportunities for those who complete the program. Here are some key areas where career benefits can be notable after earning an MBA:

  1. Executive Leadership: Many MBA graduates advance to executive leadership roles, such as CEO, COO, CFO, or other similar positions. The program offers the skills necessary to lead strategically and make high-level decisions.
  2. Entrepreneurship: For those interested in starting their own business, the MBA provides a solid foundation in business management, strategic planning, and critical decision-making skills.
  3. Business Development and Strategy: MBAs are valued in business development and strategy roles, as graduates possess a comprehensive understanding of how strategic decisions affect the company as a whole.
  4. Consultancy: Business consultants also benefit from the MBA as they develop analytical and strategic skills essential to addressing complex business problems.
  5. Finance: Roles in finance, such as financial analysts, chief financial officers, and investment bankers, are common areas for MBA graduates, thanks to their advanced understanding of corporate finance.
  6. Human Resources: The MBA prepares professionals for leadership roles in human resources, where strategic decision making and talent management are essential.
  7. Marketing and sales: MBA graduates often find roles in marketing and sales, as they possess a solid understanding of business management and market strategies.
  8. Career Internationalization: Many MBA programs offer opportunities to study abroad or participate in international projects, which can open doors to global careers.
  9. Contact Network: During the program, students have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, professors, and classmates. This network of contacts can be invaluable for future job opportunities.

In short, an MBA not only provides advanced business knowledge, but also develops leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. These skills make MBA graduates highly sought after in various industries and roles, significantly improving their career prospects.

Module ECTS credits Semester
Global markets and their environment 6 1 º
Financial Management 6 1 º
Strategic Resources 6 1 º
Human Resources Management 6 1 º
Commercial address 6 1 º
Innovation and New Technologies 6 2 º
Strategic Directors 6 2 º
Comprehensive Business Analysis 6 2 º
External Internships 6 2 º
Master's thesis 6 2 º



Financial aid for study.

The program is subject to the possibility of being financed by the Tripartite Foundation. The State Foundation for Employment Training (FUNDAE).


We have several payment methods that allow us to assume the price of the program in monthly installments throughout the Master. This program requires a single prior payment as a registration fee, which works in parallel as a place reservation.


The steps to follow for the admission process are:

Admission profile

The recommended profile that facilitates the access of the program are:

  • Professionals with work experience, preferably in leadership roles.
  • University graduates with analytical skills and motivation for business success.
  • Specific experience or prior knowledge in finance, marketing or other related areas.
  • Teamwork and outstanding leadership skills.
  • Diversity of academic and professional backgrounds valued for enriching learning.

The Master's applicants will send in digital format to the email or by mail to the Admissions Department the following documentation:

  • Admission request completed (download it here).
  • Data veracity form completed (download it here).
  • Data Protection Form completed (download it here).
  • Passport or National Identity Document or equivalent.
  • CV (Updated Curriculum Vitae).
  • language certificate in the case of foreign students.
Admission request

Applicants for the course will send the following documentation in digital format to the email address

  • Photocopy of the NIF, NIE or Passport (for students from non-EU countries).
  • Updated CV (Previous training and related work experience will be valued).

*The Admissions department will study the compatibility of the program with the admission profile shared by the student.

*The main requirement is to be in possession of the duly regulated documentation required in the admission process.

Litigation, Arbitration
  • You must wait for confirmation of admission to the program from the Admissions Department.
  • Make payment for the "Enrolment Fee" which will be deducted from the total amount and ensures the student a place.
Registration and registration

Once admitted to the program, prior confirmation by the Admissions Department, the student must continue with the payment of the amount in the agreed manner and the process following the instructions of the IUNIT Admissions Department.


32 effective weeks for 9 months

Type of teaching and places offered

Face-to-face modality.


Full time 60 ECTS / course.



Knowledge Branch

Social and Legal Sciences.


Own scholarships.
The Center for Higher Education in Business, Innovation and Technology offers a series of scholarships that are between 5% and 25% of the cost of the program. To access these, a motivation letter and updated Curriculum Vitae must be sent to

Learning Resources

It has 7 spacious and bright classrooms and two seminars. They have internet connection as well as Wi-Fi, projector, connection to virtual classrooms and blackboard. The center considers the intensive use of ICT as a central and transversal component of the learning process, so it has a computer infrastructure according to these needs. Access to the reprography room, library and bibliographic resource center is provided. As well as the sports facilities and library of the URJC.

The Master in Business Administration (MBA) is awarded by IUNIT.

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