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Business English Program

IconFebruary 2024
Icon6 months

Development of the Business English Program

This Business English Program is designed for students, professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to strengthen their English language skills in a global business context. In an increasingly interconnected world, business competition requires effective communication in English, the universal language of business.


In this course, practical classes are carried out, encouraging active participation and experiential learning. Multimedia resources, case studies and interactive sessions will be used to ensure a deep and applied understanding of business English. The course is held two days a week, with a total time of 3 hours per week.


    • Personalized small groups in Face-to-face modality.
    • Level test and follow-up with personalized tutoring.
    • IUNIT Digital Campus.

Course content:

  1. Effective Business Communication: Develop the skills necessary to express yourself clearly and persuasively in professional settings. Learn how to write emails, reports and presentations that make a positive impact.
  2. Specific Business Vocabulary: Expand your lexicon with business-specific terms and phrases. From financial jargon to marketing vocabulary, acquire the essential linguistic tools to excel in meetings and negotiations.
  3. Negotiation and Presentation: Master English negotiation techniques and hone your presentation skills. From contract discussions to proposal submission, this module will give you the confidence to engage in any business situation.
  4. International Business Culture: Explore cultural differences in the global business environment and learn to adapt to them. Develop the cultural sensitivity necessary to establish successful business relationships in international contexts.
  5. Business Simulations: Apply your knowledge in practical situations through business simulations. Work on real-world case studies to address business challenges while honing your language skills.

Final Objective:

Upon completion of the course, participants will be prepared to communicate effectively in international business situations, build strong business relationships, and stand out in a globalized environment.


  • Comfortable Classes: All with natural light and air conditioning.
  • Free WIFI access throughout the School.
  • Rest areas, with computers for student use.
  • Teachers rooms.
  • Drink and food vending machine.
  • Cafeteria in the same building as the school.
  • Library.

The steps to follow for the admission process are:

Admission profile

With no specific profile required, the course is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their communication skills in English in the business environment.

  • A level test will be carried out to evaluate each student.
Admission request

Attach the following documents to

  • Copy of the national identity document or passport.
  • Admission request.

*IUNIT facilitates different payment methods. Request it through

Litigation, Arbitration

Upon receipt of the documentation, from IUNIT, we will contact the student to communicate their acceptance and the steps they must take to complete the registration and enrollment.

Registration and registration

Upon receipt of the documentation, from IUNIT, we will contact the student to communicate their acceptance and the steps they must take to complete the registration and enrollment. The department of the School of Languages ​​will communicate the acceptance to the interested party within a period not exceeding 5 days.

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